Monday, April 16, 2007

Scooter Nation update

Scooterist bon vivant PJ Chmiel has commented on the Scooter Nation trailer.

Wow, funny that I have to learn about this trailer fourth-hand on Stellaspeed! Yes, I took some documentary footage of my trip (mostly the first half, lost interest toward the second half) for a documentary filmmaker who is a friend of a friend, he provided me with the camera and tapes. I haven't even seen the footage, I just mailed him the tapes every few weeks. Wow, it kind of gives me chills to see that. I can't wait to see what they put together from the dozen hours or so of footage I sent them. I'm supposed to maybe go out to LA in a few weeks to do some narration and maybe packaging for this, but I have no idea what the finished product will be, how much of it will be of my trip and how much will be general scooter stuff. I interviewed a number of scooterists and shop owners along the way. Cool, thanks for sharing...reminds me, I need to get back to writing about the trip, I'm still in Louisiana on my website! Look for some kind of a self-published book about it in the future. Thanks for your interest and support.


He also pointed out regarding the post about his Flickr photo set of his Ramble:

Flickr screwed up my initial RAMBLE photoset (the one you linked to) so I deleted it and made a more concise, best-of set here.

Bad links are known to be the Devil's Workshop. Thanks!

Indeed they are, PJ, indeed they are. I'll get right on that.

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