Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Apple has just announced their new 8-core MacPros. That's right, the new top of the line Mac features dual quad-core 3.0 ghz Intel Xeon processors. Expandable to 16 gigs of RAM and 3 TERAbytes of harddrive space. Since the quad-core processors haven't hit the Windows PC market, that makes this the fastest consumer workstation available... for like the next five minutes...
Still pretty impressive, if you wanna say, start the next LucasArts in your basement. Of course that maxed out system will run you over $10k.

Hmmm... someday I'm gonna max out my old dual 500 G4 to dual 1.8 G4s... that will still be more than enough for the most intensive stuff I do (mainly Photoshop.)

But still eight 3 gig cores! Yikes!

via Slashdot

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