Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nice Illustrator Tutorial

Mainly posting this for personal reference... A good Adobe Illustrator tutorial for creating comic-style, pen and ink looking art.

I can do some serious mojo in Photoshop, but just never had the need to learn Illustrator. My spidey-sense (or would that be Dragon-sense?) is tingling that I may need to master this tool soon, though. If you are in the same, or a similar boat check out this link.

This tutorial will cover:
1. Sketching - How detailed to get in your sketch?

2. Scanning your sketch.
3. How to set up your Illustrator file.
4. Tips and Techniques to digitally inking your sketch using vector lines.
5. Tips and Techniques to coloring your vector illustration.
6. Polishing it all off!

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