Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Spring Friday

For those of the Hebrew faith it is Passover. It's Good Friday for the Christians, with Easter right around the corner. Some Muslims have just recently observed Mawlid an-Nabi or the birth of the Prophet. Our Wiccan friends just recently had their Ostara cakes and ale. And those crazy black-hooded anarchist kids are planning their May Day misadventures. Whatever your creed or paradigm, chances are some hints of rebirth, redemption, renewal, and/or spiritual/psychological liberation have been tickling your consciousness.

It's SPRING Baby!!!

Symbolically many of these festivals are linked with the rebirth of the sun. It is a time for hope, fertility, inspiration, and new beginnings. Even our secularized holiday festivities recognize this with images of bunnies, lambs, chicks, and flowers.

So, the Dragon brings you this little ray of hope, and his own celebration of that burning orb to which we all owe so much. The following text refers to the graphic above.

Solar power systems installed in the areas defined by the dark disks could provide a little more than the world's current total primary energy demand (assuming a conversion efficiency of 8 %). That is, all energy currently consumed, including heat, electricity, fossil fuels, etc., would be produced in the form of electricity by solar cells. The colors in the map show the local solar irradiance averaged over three years from 1991 to 1993 (24 hours a day) taking into account the cloud coverage available from weather satellites.

Can we quit screwing up our planet, and killing each other over dinosaur juice, now? We truly have the power and ability to at last grow up and be good stewards of this glorious creation we have been gifted with.

So mote it be.

Oh, and for a little bit more on solar power advances, check this out. And this.

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