Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Coolest Thang EVAH on Ebay

There are times I am grateful that I am not rich. This is one of those times. I don't even want to contemplate the trouble I would get myself into with one of these. From the auction description:

Giant Megavolt Tesla Coil for Special effects
HUGE 300 foot Lightning bolts come out of this device

Do not turn on near airports or other sensitive installations. Generates Giant Lightning bolts from 80 to 300 feet tall going straight up. Uses 220 volts single phase at 30 amps. Noise will wake the dead. Might bring them back to life to, dont know for sure but dont try it to be sure.. I will not help you re-bury anyone you re-animate. This is not a toy. Buyer will be responsible for pickup and transportation. This was custom made for my boss by the same guy who builds them for Hollywood Special effects people in the 80's. Built into Mahogony wood furniture, control will support remote activation ( while under cover ). Comes with various books, papers, letters and a hard back rare collectable Tesla book too. This is not somthing you will see again in your lifetime. No its not UL approved. Resulting display can give goosebumps, make women flee and children to become incontinent. Use proper discretion when activating, recomend out someplace away from everything important. Does set off EMP detectors at the Feds Nuclear Monitoring stations, it looks like a 10-15 ton nuke going off on the detector. Have fun.

Bid is currently at $3,150.00.
Buy it now price is $14,850.00.

Supervilliany, and Steampunk Mad Scientist cred at a bargain price.

via Herr SkyMarshall on The Steampunk Forum


Steve Williams said...

I saw one of those in action at Buhl Planitarium in Pittsburgh as a kid. There were two metal orbs suspended to each side of the machine and it was billed as a lightning generator.

It was so loud that it terrified me as a 5 year old.

It would be a fantastic thing to have in the front yard and set off when unwanted visitors arrived.

Looks like it will cost two or three Vespas though...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Anonymous said...

For a Highlander junkie you know this means just one thing - do it yourself quickenings. Or maybe just some ever-so-realistic Highlander role playing.