Sunday, April 15, 2007

Macho, Macho Man...

Not sure how I missed this...
In a recent post on the changes to the Suzuki Burgman line on The Scooter Scoop, Steve Guzman soundly deflects a comment on how scooters might reflect badly on his manliness:

Wow..that's nice.
Does it come with a matching purse? Perhaps a lovely brouch to hide the key in?
How any self respecting man can ride one of these things is beyond me.
I know when my real bike was getting serviced, I had to use the wife's Honda Scooter to get to work...I kinda felt like I was wearing ladies underwear...on the outside of my clothes.
No one said anything...but man I sure felt like they were going to.

And FTW, Steve's reply:

Well... I'm sorry that your masculinity is so fragile that a simple scooter ride might shatter it into a billion glittery, rainbow shards. I hope, for testosterones sake, that your real bike never has to get serviced again.

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times:
While some dudes feel the need to overcompensate for some perceived lack of manhood through their vehicle choice... Scooterists are so studly, they have no fears about downplaying it.

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Combatscoot said...

Hey, there's a reason we need that extra space in front of the seat and *they* don't. ;)