Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Wish I Had a Government

When I bemoan the state of the modern funny pages... Farside: gone, Berke Breathed: sporadic, Calvin and Hobbes: gone, Boondocks: moved on to greener pastures, and so on... I always forget about Dilbert. Pretty consisently funny. If you've ever worked in the corporate technosphere, though, sometimes its satire is so scathingly dead-on, even when it's at its most over the top, that it is scary. And when Scott Adams turns his wit from the corporate world to politics, watch out!
Take for instance today's post on his blog, "I Wish I Had a Government":

I’m so jealous of countries that have governments. How cool would that be?
Recently our so-called Speaker of the House was meeting with the Syrian government while our so-called Vice President was on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show reminding the world that the so-called Speaker of the House doesn’t speak for the United States in foreign policy. Foreign policy is the job of the so-called President who doesn’t speak to governments that don’t already agree with him.
Today I read that the Defense Department is releasing a report that there was no link between al-Qaeda and Iraq, at the same time that so-called Vice President Cheney was repeating his mantra that there was indeed a link. My tax dollars paid for all of that. I don’t think I got my money’s worth.
Meanwhile, the Democrats are poised for a big win during the next election based on their excellent track record of doing nothing for years. Doing nothing might not sound like a good strategy to you, but if you compare it to what happens when the government actually does something, you can make an argument.

Really, it's worth clicking the title link to read the whole thing.

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