Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bling Yer Vespa: Spinners!

John over at Who Rides a Vespa? has post up on his recent acquisition of spinnin' rims for his Vespa.

I feel it does look nice on the scoot. The first time a few people saw it, I wasn’t so sure if they honestly liked it since the compliments never came with a straight face. It’s always with a grin or even a laugh! I’m now kinda use to it actually. I now know its an automatic reaction for such a contraption, especially on a scooter. It’s not even an accessory anymore, IT’S A BLING-BLING! hahaha!

The gent he bought these from was selling them on Ebay, but doesn't currently have any listed. It sounds like he makes them for the modern automatic Vespas, but can customize them for vintage manual scoots.

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