Friday, April 13, 2007

Life's Good, But Not Fair At All

cowboy junkies - sweet jane
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It's been awhile since I posted a bunch of cool music videos, and watching this great Cowboy Junkies song, really got me on a binge. I'm posting this, partly because for me at least, the song has become almost irrevocably associated with Natural Born Killers. Now that's a topic for another time, but Margo Timmins' voice... dude, that's a thing which everyone should learn to appreciate on it's own merits. Smoky and rich, like a peaty single malt scotch, it only requires the addition of simple subtle accompaniment to bring out the full depth of it's flavors. Maybe it ain't for everyone, but like that scotch, if you are one of the few who "get-it," well, you realize good taste is it's own reward.

Check out the Cowboy Junkies website. They've gone independant, and are no longer tied to a record company. Nice interview with Margo Timmins, talking with a lot of quiet wisdom about the recording industry, the difference between making a killing and earning a living, and artistic growth.

Also here's a video for Sun Comes Up

Now if you're wanting something a little more rollickin', check out this rare footage of Lou Reed performing Sweet Jane Live in Paris in 1974. It starts with a crazy 70's, coke-fueled, porn-star mustached back up band, and you can't even recognize the tune until about a quarter of the way through when the organ kicks in. But then Lou steps out, looking like Ziggy Stardust, like a Rock God, like well, like a Cowboy Junky, and well... well you should just see for yourself.

Also you can watch videos for these excellent later Lou Reed solo works:
Busload of Faith
What's Good?

There are even some evil mothers who will tell you, life is just pain and dirt...

Ain't it the truth, Lou?

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