Friday, April 13, 2007

Take me back to the days of the foreign telegram...

That last post got me to thinking about how I initially heard Cowboy Junkies. Synchronistically, the old friend who turned me onto them, just contacted me the other day, after years of missed connections. Now the Dragon, when faced with Synchronicities generally chooses to embrace them, so...
Really I guess I have to credit Finn with turning me onto Alterna-Country. I mean, I grew up on Willie Nelson, and loved "Cowpunk" (now there's a term that will date me!), but the more folky roots oriented late 80's bands who paved the way for Lucinda Williams and the like, most of those bands I first heard on trips to Finn's families' cabin up in the Ozarks. The Cowboy Junkies, Lyle Lovett, and Michelle Shocked. OK, maybe I'm playing fast and loose with genres here, but you get the point.
Funny thing is, this reconnection reminds me a lot of Shocked's Anchorage. Synchronicity, again.
Cement Lament
Come A Long Way "A series of moving postcards using the Michelle Shocked song, "'Come A Long Way". Shot on Kodachrome Super 8mm footage in Los Angeles in 2005. A film by Randy Caspersen."
Memories of East Texas Another fan video.
How You Play the Game, a newer political song.

Hey Finn, we were wild then...

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