Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great List of Photoshop Tips and Shortcuts

This is a great list of little timesavers for photoshop. Some of these I knew, some I'd forgotten, but there were a lot I'd never of heard of. I'm printing this and Commonly Used Photoshop Shortcut Keys out and taping them up near both of our computers.

26. Hold Shift and press “+” or “-” it will switch between the layer mode:
N = Normal

I = Dissolve
M = Multiply
S = Screen
O = Overlay
F = Soft Light
H = Hard Light
D = Color Dodge
B = Color Burn
K = Darken
G = Lighten
E = Difference
X = Exclusion
U = Hue
T = Saturation
C = Color
Y = Luminosity
Q = Behind 1
L = Threshold 2
R = Clear 3
W = Shadow 4
V = Midtones 4
Z = Highlights 4
***The shortcut works even for following situation:
***Alpha turned off, Indexed Mode, Line tool, Bucket Tools, Dodge and Burn Tools
27. While using Brush or any other tools, change the opacity by typing the number.
*** type one number for % of it’s ten times [4=40%]
***type two number for exact % [press 7 then 2 will get 72%]
28. Hold Alt while clicking on the eye icon beside the layer, it will hide all other layers.

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