Friday, April 20, 2007

The Most Expensive Bicycle in Portland...

set Intel consultant and sometime Libertarian candidate Mitch Shults back a cool $13k. Somehow I think this might be a case of penny-foolish and pound-wise, though. With an electric assist motor and aerodynamic fairing, this baby will do 35mph on a flat, 25mph uphill on a 7% grade, and has regenerative braking.
I really think this is (one of) the wave(s) of the future...

"What I think I'm demonstrating here," he says, "is that the notion of a human-electric hybrid vehicle is really a practical alternative to an automobile for most of what I need to do in an urban setting."
So, is he doing it to save the earth?
"If this were to become widespread, it would go a long way toward addressing our global-warming issues, gasoline prices, and most importantly, healthcare issues, because people would have to get some exercise in order to get around."
The same person who designed the Smart Car designed Mitch's bike, but he says the similarities end there. "A Smart Car really isn't that smart in the sense that it still burns gas," he says. "I'm burning bacon and eggs, croissants...and a few electrons...and getting some exercise in the process."

Mitch's bike is a Velomobile.

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