Friday, April 13, 2007

WTF/THE Mac Store Seattle

Flickr user Jeff Carlson has posted this photo:

Running "The" along the side isn't bad typography, but the lack of a visual break between the T and H makes me say, "WTF?"
Located in the University district of Seattle.(I should mention that the people at the Mac Store were great sports about my photo and asked for permission to put it on their home page, though it looks like it's no longer there.)
Updated: Since this pic has been dugg and is getting lots of traffic, please allow a quick plug for a new venture I've started up: Never Enough Coffee. Thanks!

Hey, no prob, Jeff, though you may want to know that the Mac Store is still using the photo, only now they are using it on their "About Us" page, which covers all their locations in the Pacific North West, not just the Seattle location home page you linked to.

I had a summer job at this store a few years back, when they were called “The Computer Store.” They’ve been around forever (in computer years), since the early 80’s, I believe. Of course there are a lot of really tech savvy folks there, which makes me wonder if the ambigous the/wtf is intentional…

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