Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Blackheart Gang: The Tale of How

Cabinet of Wonders has a post up on the Blackheart Gang's The Tale of How, probably the freshest piece of web-released animation I've ever come across. Very difficult to describe this gem, much less classify it. Here is part of Heather from Cabinet of Wonders attempt:

This thing is wonderful, a sort of opera, with animation that looks as though it was printed on damask silk. I detect the influences of Chinese paintings, Indian miniatures, frescos, and some of the beautiful and funky creatures and machines I've been seeing in the past few years in some of the more obscure 3-D games.
Personally I see it as part Hokusai, part Doctor Seuss, part clock punk, and part Lovecraft, with a healthy dash of Terry Gilliam's old-school Monty Python animation.
All of that is besides the point. You simply must watch this lovely fairy-tale for grown ups. It's a 70mb Quicktime file, though, so give it a chance to load. It's wonderfully enchanting.

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