Monday, April 23, 2007

Open Call for Scooter Artists

I was scouring the scooterbbs today, searching for the answers to some dilemmas I'll get into in another post. Anyway I came across this announcement from April 19th:

As many of yous know, every year, there is a BIG scooter rally here in the good ole US of A.

It is called AmeriVespa.

This year, it is happening in Seattle Washington..

As it happens, there are a few venues that everyone is going to hangout at and it was decided that it would be sweet if we had some art to hang on the walls for the scooterists to admire.

So here are some of the details:

No larger than 30" X 30"
2 or 3D; sculpture, photos, paintings or video art. We will make acceptions for size in some cases.
YOU are responsible for postage BOTH ways (if you want the piece back).
The promoters of Amerivespa split the sale 60/40 with you getting 60 percent of the sale.

Please e-mail me, Kurt, at for details of how to submit your entries.

We've gotten a few really good submissions so far without even trying, so I know that there is some fantastic work out there ready to be seen!


Cafe Racer--Seattle's Best Scooter Bar

I'll be emailing Kurt soon to find out about deadlines and the like, and will keep y'all updated.

Hmm... now to paint some scooter art...

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