Friday, February 23, 2007

Steampunk Scooterin' Puppies

Honky-Tonk D reader Witch mentioned Doggles in a comment on the recent post that showed a scooterist hauling their pooch papoose style.
Now the dragon normally takes a dim view on clothes for pets. I don't want to offend anyone or anything, but it just strikes me as silly. (OK, I like it when little girls dress up cats in dresses and bonnets, but that has more to do with humilating the cat...)
So I really want to see goggles for dogs as silly... but... I just can't.
These are pretty cool!
The website lists, among other practical applications for this product, protection for dogs with Pannus, an eye disease which makes them sensitive to UV light, and they were used as protection for rescue dogs onsite at the World Trade Center, after 9/11.
So if your pup's whining to get out of the shop, fix the sidecar on the side of your scoot, strap doggles on fido, and both of you get a little wind in your faces.

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Troy Worman said...

pups prepped for orbit