Monday, February 26, 2007

Simple Vespa Mod/Maintenance Videos

Youtube user niinjoosum has a handful of videos up documenting some simple upgrades to his LX150 that if the most non-mechanical of scooterists should be able to do. Niinjoosum also goes by the handle Vanslam on Modern Vespa, and has title this instructional series, "Vanslam's Vespa Garage." Above is a video covering installing a Tucano Urbano Termoscud lap apron. This is my favorite of the lot, as it really goes into depth on all the features of this lap apron.

His other videos include installing a floor mat, installing a rear tire, and installing christmas lights. Granted, these are very easy procedures, so his videos can be a little tongue in cheek.

Thanks to 2 Stroke Buzz for turning us on to Vanslam.

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