Friday, February 02, 2007

Last Harry Potter Book Pre-Order

Amazon has opened pre-ordering for the the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga, and is offering up a pretty good deal, $18.89 for the hardcover which will list at $34.99, and $39.00 for the Deluxe edition which will list at $65.00. What's the difference? Well previous Deluxe Editions have had slipcases, special art on the endpapers, and a poster. Amazon doesn't give any detail as to what it'll entail for this volume, so the Dragon is guessing these details haven't been nailed down yet.
But at $19, well that's about the price of what the trade paper will be, so the Dragon will placing an order for that one for his lovely lady-friend.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, yes, the Dragon is an Amazon affiliate, and the miniscule cut he receives from any sales offa these links will go towards improving and upkeeping this site.)

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