Saturday, February 10, 2007

Datamancer's Dream Blade

Datamancer, creator of the greatest Steampunk computer mod EVER, has a sweet new project up on his page. It is this lovely sword pictured above, based on a design from a dream. Borgesian swords, I love it.

Ok so, long story short, I had this really inspirational, epic dream one night, maybe one day I'll write something about it or turn it into a short story, but for now, I'll just give you the basic gist of it. In this dream, my mission was to travel to a distant forge, where the coals were stoked by the focusing of your hatred for your enemy, and in these flames of hate, I was to forge a blade to defeat my nemesis. Pretty standard Hero's Tale kind of stuff. I awoke with the image of this sword burning in my mind, so I grabbed the notebook I always keep by my bed for just such an occasion, and drew a quick sketch. I didnt get a chance to look at it again for about 2 months ...
When I returned, a little wiser, and a lot dirtier, I picked up my sketch and the dream came flooding back to me. I remembered how it filled me with this sense of Mission. It felt less like a flight of fantasy, and more like clear instructions to make this blade. So I did. I figure this might at least save me the ackwardness of answering a knock at the door one day to find my nemesis standing there with some crazy awesome deathblade, laughing at me before striking me dead because he had the same dream and actually made his sword and came to find me, but I sat my fat ass on the couch, watched anime, and never got around to it. Now wouldn't THAT be an embarrassing way to die!

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Thanks for the post! I'm glad you like it.