Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mowin' the Lawn

I hate lawns.
A vestigal practice from Aristocrats who just wanted to show off that they could afford to waste fertile land by growing nothing but grass, lawns have become as all-American as Bar-B-Ques.
Plus they symbolize the most rigid of enforced conformity. In many metropolitan areas you face fines for not caring for your lawn, and in the suburbs and gated communities it can be even worse. If I owned a house with a yard, I cover it with native plants, wild flowers and herbs, and have myself something that was both low-maintenance, pretty (I think untended meadows are far more beautiful than wannabe putting greens), and practical.
Unfortunately, most of us don't really have a whole lot of choice in the matter...
So I bring you
A) the DIY solar powered lawn mower, which eliminates nasty emissions (you gotta make up for that classic scooter karma somewhere), and is a step away from dependence on foreign oil.

B) the DIY remote controlled lawn mower, the virtues of which should be readily apparent in the name.

and C) converting an IC lawn mower engine to steam-power... not sure if this would be functional still for a lawn mower without a lot of further work, seems like it would be more interesting for creating an honest to goodness steampunk moped, scooter, or go-cart.

Should I ever find myself in stewardship of lawn again, I'd think long and hard about combining these two innovations into one uber-green geeky grass cuttin' machine.

thanks to the Make!blog for the RC mower and steam conversion links

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