Sunday, February 11, 2007

"I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine."

I'm sure every regular Honky-Tonk D reader has wondered at some point or another, "What if the eloquent and nefarious Pirate Papa were a gourmet chef?"
(Not to dis on the bucaneer daddy-o's skillet-skills, I've had some right fine organic victuals that came steaming out of his galley...)
Well I do believe I have discovered the answer. DJ Dread over at DIY Gourmet, has some yum-i-licious stuff posted. I think the next time I go shopping, I'm gonna have to include his ingredient list for Pad Thai.
Check it:

This last week has been insane. Our baby is due in 3 days and I am trying to get as much soap work done as possible before the joyous occasion. When I get really busy, sometimes I forget to eat. I know, it's stupid because I love eating! Somewhere in the insanity I whipped up the greatest Pad Thai ever made by a white guy.I lost my Pad Thai virginity when I was 19. It was the first time I had ever been in Asia, and I spent an amazing 6 weeks in Bangkok that changed my entire world, and most importantly, my tastebuds forever (the 4 days straight of heartburn were worth it!) Of course, Thai food tastes best in Thailand and everything else just pales in comparison. Until you can save up enough pennies to get to the best eating in the world, this recipe will have to do.

Oh, and DJ Dread, mad props for the "One Night in Bangkok," reference. Strange that a song from a Broadway show should turn out to be one of the coolest music videos of the 80's.

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