Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oil Pastel Portrait

This portrait of Danielle Starling is from the same period as the two previous portraits. It differs from them in that it is oil pastel rather than traditional oils. I quite like this painting for couple of reasons...
First, I'd been experimenting with oil pastels for sometime prior to this, having been seduced by the spontenaity and versatility of the medium. It is also an extremely forgiving medium, being easily manipulated with just about any painting medium you might use for traditional oil paint. I also find that oil pastels just beg you to engage in some unorthodox color combinations and mixtures, something which I believe makes this painting particularly successful.
Secondly, I really like androgynous pose which Dani was quite uncalulatedly striking here. Don't get me wrong, Dani was a very feminine young lady, especially once you got to know her. But her exterior manner frequently not. At times she positively swaggered, which I found extremely endearing.

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