Friday, February 23, 2007

DIY Steampunk Keyboard conversion

Tinkergirl over at Brass Goggles is off the hook today!
Maybe she is inspired by the most productive Herr Von Slatt, of the Steampunk Workshop, who has posted a thoroughly documented steampunk keyboard project. Yes, it is the gorgeously brass-trimmed beauty pictured above.
To my mind, Jake's project is a little more elegant in it's strategies than the steampunk keyboard conversions mentioned in this post. It doesn't require the wiring and mucking about with pin-outs of the Underwood to computer keybard conversion mentioned there. (Of course that conversion maintains the usability of the typewriter as a typewriter, which is appealing.)
There are a lot of cool touches here, like the function keys are Roman numerals.
The more observant of you will notice that part of this design appears in the image of Jake's DIY lightbox.
(On a side note, the Dragon would like to extend congratulations to Jake for being featured in the latest print edition of MAKE magazine.)

Brass Goggles has also teamed up with Aether Emporium to create a steampunk forum.
Look for your humble Dragon over there... I'm pretty excited about it.
Tinkergirl, you rock!
Check out some of the other great recent posts on Brass Goggles, some nifty stuff today.


Tinkergirl said...

Thank you very much, Mr Dragon - you also rock. *chuckles* Here's to Dragons and Goggles, and lots more Steampunk contraptions (and Scooters, of course).

Troy Worman said...

[beyond] Wow.