Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cyclecide: Heavy Pedal Rodeo

Just found this site, via a link on the MAKE blog.
Cyclecide seems to be a lot of things, a collective of bikepunk craftspeople and performance artists, a DIY-aesthetic traveling circus, and of course, a bike rodeo.
Their site doesn't reature any real blow-by-blow tutorials, but it has a lot of pictures that are fun and inspiring. Worth a looksee for those non-motorized gearheads out there.

Pictured above is the Chubacabra, an (obviously) flame-breathing bike. Cool stuff.

The fabulous CHUPACABRA, flagship of the Slouch fleet is a versatile vehicle. Its flailing arms, biting mouth, blinking eyes, & flamethrower make it the perfect ride for urban assault missions or just freaking out some small town locals.


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Anonymous said...

I must say this guy is tarded. It would make a hell of a lot more sense if it shot flames out his arse rather than off the front. Just think your riding your bike down the street all high and shit. Then an old lady walks out in front of your bike and you reach to ring you the bell on your handle bars and oops. This can not come to a good end as the results could be A) BBQ rider B)BBQ old lady C)BBQ both.... Then try to explain to the cops why you and or an old lady burst into flames on an average city street. The down side to the flames coming out of the back of the bike are burnt arse.....