Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some Scooter News, Most of it Genuine

Philadelphia Scooters: 2007- Year of the Scooter!

Yes, yes I've been amiss on the scooter news lately, and will be summarily smacked on the talons soon.

LML gearing up to start manufacturing again has metal bodied, 2-stroke, manual tranny scooter fans all in a tizzy that Genuine might be able to bring some more Stellas back into the states. Well, it would be nice, but the Dragon isn't holding his breath just as of yet.
Still Genuine isn't resting on it's laurels. Nope, they've got some cool things going on for 2007.

First off the 2007 125cc Buddy's. Phil of Pride of Cleveland Scooters had this to say over on Modern Buddy about improvements for this year:

The Headlight is now MUCH bigger and houses an honest to God halogen bulb. There is a cool 12 volt power plug exactly where I put the one I rigged up for my GPS when I ran the Loop. The tail / stop light is now an array of LED's that is at least 3 times as bright as the original. The bad news: The price is now $2599 (up $100) For my's $100 well spent.

Genuine's site calls that 12 volt power plug a cell phone charger, though I imagine there will be a lot of new Buddy owners getting creative (like Phil) with GPS units and stereos.

Also on the horizon for the Buddy line, is a special edition "Series Italia," a two-tone green 125cc with white wall tires in case you're gonna cruise the miracle mile. Pretty... (Hmm... the Pride of Cleveland Genuine page also has an image of an all red Buddy, with the 2007 improvements listed, that says "stay tuned for the Cherry Bomb"... another special edition, perhaps?)

Philadelphia Scooters' blog also mentions that the long awaited 110cc 2-stroke Genuine Rattler should be coming out this year. I really like the looks of this scooter, but the 50cc (restricted) model just seemed a little under-powered. A 110cc model could really be a scoot to be reckoned with.

In other Genuine news, the company has some marketing/partnership deals lined up for the Black Cat scooter with (of course) Black Cat Fireworks, and the AMA Flat Track Championships.


Anonymous said...

12 volt plug on the scooter? Why not cook a meal? Alton Brown was ecstatic at finding this on his cross county bike trip.

Valoise (Mom)

Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

Thanks, Mom, you always have the good food scoop!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you can charge the battery through that cell phone charger?