Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DIY Lightbox

Jake over at the Steampunk Workshop is never one to sit on his laurels. Recently he posted instructions on making your own lightbox.
Now, just building a box to house some lights is not that difficult, but for the best functionality, you want to diffuse the light in such a way as to minimize "hot-spots."
(I use to sell lightboxes at an art-supply store, so I know why commercial ones cost up to a couple hundred $)
Quality commercially made lightboxes use specialty flourescent bulbs. Jake took a hint from the light bulb that must have appeared over his head at his Eureka! epiphany and used compact flourescents.
A very clever solution, as they will diffuse much better than incandescents, as well as draw less current, and last longer. Compared to the traditional tube type flourescents they may not diffuse light quite as well, but would be far easier for the home builder to work with.

Jake, the Dragon's hat is off to you, yet again.

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