Thursday, December 14, 2006

What all the hip indigenous peoples are riding

What all the hip indigenous peoples are riding

Phillipine Vespa fan site Who Rides a Vespa posted a short article on these last month. It seems these wooden scoots are made by Ifuego tribesmen in the Phillipines. At first, with a typical Western's arrogance, I thought this was a cargo-cult like artifact. But John Rana at Who Rides a Vespa says:

It is said that the wooden scooter used to be an integral mode of transport of our Ifugao brothers in the earlier days; but in this age of motorized transport, it is now solely used and cutom-made for the unique race within the 12-day event called Imbayah festival.

Ah yes, the joys of a scooter rally!

A cursory Google search didn't turn up much besides what you'll find by clicking the title link.


Jane and Rusl Bike Hitch said...

Are these motorised? I hope not. This is awesome! I came across a bunch of pictures of bicycles (hobby horses mostly) made very like this out of wood (more crude, actually) mostly by children in Africa. I wish I could find the link. It was a few years back when google image searching for wooden bicycles.

Jane and Rusl Bike Hitch said... these aren't exactly the ones I found before but some pretty awesome pictures! I tried getting into wooden bikes in art school a bit and made a chain and an incomplete wheel:

I love this blog.

Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

Jane and Rusl,

I don't believe these are motorized, they seem to be more like the kick scooters that Razors and the like were based on.