Thursday, December 21, 2006

BioDiesel Blog

BioDiesel Blog

Those helpful urban hippies over at TreeHugger (who just implemented a redesign) turned me on to this blog from PropelBioDiesel, a Pacific NW biodiesel company.

Our mission is to provide the most accurate, up to date and practical information to biodiesel drivers. We drive biodiesel, our friends drive biodiesel, and our customers drive biodiesel. That's a lot of biodiesel feedback! Awake at the Wheel is the forum for us to publish this information.

Any Venture Capitalists out there wanna front an attempt to build a geared, diesel, metal bodied scooter? Seriously, folks it's an idea who's time has come, and I'm gonna be so pissed when somebody gets rich off of it in ten years... (not really, I'd just like to see it happen)

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