Monday, December 11, 2006

It's all one thing

It's all one thing

Just discovered this great blog, and was really grooving on it when my brain says to me, "Me, where do we know Will Shetterly from?" Finally me and the brain determined (with a little help from google and wikipedia) that Will wrote some in the Borderlands series (an early influence on this here Punkelf.)

Anyway, Will has provided me with two good quotes to illustrate what I was trying to say about, religion and politics earlier. The first is his subtitle quote from Thomas Paine:
"My country is the world and my religion is to do good."

And the second is from Will himself, presumably in reaction to the aforementioned Atheists call to arms that seems to be everywhere these days:
"it reminds me that I don't much like people who insist that my private beliefs about the universe should be the same as theirs. Then I remind myself that they do this out of insecurity, so I cut them slack. By definition, the difference between atheists and agnostics is that agnostics are comfortable with uncertainty. Some people will quibble about the original meanings of "agnostic" and "atheist." To them I say, speak to me in Old English or accept that our language changes. Whether I'm an atheist or an agnostic or a theist really has more to do with you than with me. I think I'm a pantheist or a panentheist, but mostly I think the answer to "why are we here?" is "to make 'here' better." "

And on a side note Will also seems to be trying to kick-start a new Winter Holiday, that kind of makes me think of Kwanza for everybody, World Week. I remember when my Mother first discovered Kwanza when I was teen, we both thought it was pretty cool, and the main thing that prevented us from adopting its observation, was that while our melanin can be quite dark, it is only in spots. Now there is a week long winter holiday everyone, regardless of religion, creed or colot. Even us speckled people. cool.

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