Monday, December 04, 2006

Bicycle RV part 2

Bicycle RV part 2

Now here is a guy who has already built a pedal-powered rolling home. And done some significant road-testing on it, he does a loop from Oregon to Mexico! Engineered from trial and error, and constructed primarily of foam roofing insulation, metal tape, extruded aluminum and moped parts, this thing seems to be begging for some solar panels and an electric assist motor. There are some definite design features that I'd like to keep in mind if I ever am able to construct a light weight mutant tear-drop scooter trailer. the foam construction overlaid say with kevlar and fiberglass seems like a real possiblity. Brian, the mad scientist behind this, is currently in Portland, and some requests for some materials, so any of you P-town dragon-heads who can should try and hook a brother up.

via TreeHugger


rafael said...

Wow Ben. Blows my mind to stumble across this.

I met this guy years ago, maybe '99, in Eugene. He had an earlier version of the bike, he called it the "mothership" and I've talked about it to friends and complete strangers ever since.

He does have electric assist. He actually has it set up so the battery charges while he's coasting, and says he gets enough power to not only help up hills but keep a radio, hotplate, etc. going.

Anonymous said...

I met this guy in 1988 in Isla Vista I gave him an old Aluminum garage door for his sleeper prototype, This guy is truly a talented person I hope him well and many good parts may come his way