Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DIY SLR Flash Diffuser from a Cigarette Box

You've probably guessed that your humble dragon is something of a shutterbug. Unfortunately, being the nocturnal lizard that I am poses some difficulties with my photographic pursuits. I hate flashes. I prefer candid shots, the kind where the subjects have forgotten there is a camera present. That's kind of hard to do if your camera has to imitate a phosphorous grenade to get anything out of the scene. And even if you are willing to give up the element of surprise, there is always the chance that you are gonna trigger flashbacks in a PTSD'd combat veteran in the vicinity. (Seriously, I've seen it happen.)

On top of all that, in-camera flashes invariably wash out a scene, and leave your subjects looking like those life sized cardboard cutouts you sometimes see at video-stores. No drama, no mystery there.

Just a handy little trick to keep in mind. Oh and I tried it on my non-SLR compact digital, and it works pretty good, though a little more awkardly than in the camera featured in the instructable.

via StreetTech

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