Friday, December 22, 2006

Vespa Fishing

Vespa Fishing

Yes, "I'm getting a scooter because of high gas prices" seems to be THE scooterist story of 2006. For some reason local papers and tv news shows love these stories, I guess they think it highlights the desperation oil prices have induced in this country. Of course, we old school scooterists are sick of the stories now, though we do welcome the noobs to the fold, and hope they find that scoots are so fun, they are worth riding regardless of fuel costs.
But here is a new angle on this played theme... Jose over at Lunnis: El blog de los amantes de la luna has purchased a Vespa, to beat the high cost of fishing. Or rather, getting to the fish.

From now on, I will only carry the essentials–fishing rod, fly box,perhaps a sleeping bag–and wear all my necessary clothing, including waders,vest,wading boots and possibly a change of underwear. Everything else stays home!
I know this sounds drastic, but if I am to continue my passion for fishing –this may be the only way to make it affordable to do so.
I also know that the visual image of a rugged outdoorsman on the back of a Mo-ped is not exactly the vision Madison Avenue would like to sell to Orvis or Jeep Cherokee and is more akin to the image of Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”–but I don’t care!!
Look out Deschutes River Steelhead… we’re LEAN, MEAN, and riding WHINY MACHINES…

I think it interesting how this move is causing Jose to spare down his fishing equipment. Reminds me of Steve over at Scooter in the Sticks experiences with photography.
Jose, I hope you discover new joys in fishing, by trimming down to the essentials, and most especially, I hope you discover the joys that scooter riding provides as well. Oh, and take the MSF class if you haven't already.

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