Monday, December 11, 2006

Filmic Steampunk fodder

Ok so this 2001 remake of a 1960 Haunted House feature, is not the greatest horror film ever made. And I'm not even in the habit posting about horror films that often. So why am I commenting on it?

Well, if you troll the reviews available online, you will find a lot of critics agree with me that the true star of this film is the house. One reviewer described it as I.M. Pei meets Leonardo DaVinci, and that ain't far off. Glass and steel walls, (with latin incantations etched into the glass) that shift and move like the sliding panels in traditional Japanese architecture, all powered by a visible system of brass gears... Lot's of cool inspiration for steampunk images. Or even if you just have an appreciation for fantasy architecture, it's worth checking out.

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