Thursday, December 07, 2006

Punk Photographer: DIY tripod

Punk Photographer: Pocket Tripod
instructables : Pocket Tripod
The Dragon has been lusting over the Gorillapod, mini-tripod with flexible legs meant to wrap around just about anything for sometime now. I seem to prefer shooting in low-light scenarios, and despise flashes. I actually like the strange effects that digital photo-sensors produce in low-light situations with long exposures. But the effects I like come from the movement of the subjects, not of the camera, and most tripods are too bulky for my purposes, i.e. won't fit in my shoulderbag.

This contraption is pretty cool though. Ugly as sin, but if you're punk enough that won't matter, and might even be a selling point... Plus, you can't beat the price. Could be just the thing for a photography major, you could save that extra money for something necessary like film or beer. Although, thinking about it, $20 is that much for a tripod. I quess being 35 now, I feel like I've earned the right to pick and choose my punk-rock affectations... "What a drag it is getting old..."

step 1Get Supplies
you need 4 things:3 Stiff pieces of wire, 10+ inches long (old coat hangers, copper house wiring); a 1/4" bolt that fits camera mounts, there pretty common; electrical tape; pliers

via LifeHacker

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