Thursday, December 28, 2006

Home again, home again... Jiggedy!

Jes and I are safely back on the left coast, after a most pleasant holiday in New England, full of family, fun, humor, warmth, good food and good times. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality, and thanks to Eamon and Sky for looking after our kitty.

More posts to come soon...

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Earthlight Books said...

no prob dude

check my blog, i made it kick ass on x-mas. few hours of new css-learning-time with the new blogger template change. I can show you how to throw up the three columner in the new version of blogger sometime if'n ya wants it bad enuf. go ahead, drool over my indexed archives and awesome 3 column badassness.

glad you had a good trip.

my folks'll be here from the 31-7 if you two wanna hang out sometime

i'll drop yer cables and the dvds i stole from yer house when i fed the cat off tomorrow around noonish. thanks dude.

i looked all over the house for the fucking cat food and failed to ever find it (tho i now know where it resides)... but i found yer movies and helped myself.

i'd never seen 24 before except for one or two episodes w/ my folks back when it came out.
holy shit. that show's fucking sweet.

anyway, see you soon i'm sure. john burgess moves in with us for a while starting tomorrow. should be crazy fun.