Thursday, December 21, 2006

Glowing Hair Gel

Glowing Hair Gel

Got a punkelf on your holiday list? This is the perfect stocking stuffer. I mean WOW!

A patented process takes ordinary hair color and makes it extraordinary, by adding self-illuminating glow! Voltage does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. Instead, it produces its own light! Tiny, microscopic particles in the gel come together in the mixing process to produce a bright colorful glow that can be seen in partial light and in the dark for at least 6-8 hours (technically, this incredible effect lasts more than 24 hours at a diminishing glow). The glow is bright enough to even use in lieu of a flashlight to go through a campground at night! The best thing is, while Voltage is classified as a "temporary hair color" it does not actually color the hair cuticle. It "coats" the hair with color. The gel is the delivery medium for the luminescence (glow). This means it is safe for color-treated or bleached hair when used as directed. In the case of colors blue and green, the gel is colorless both in the mixing container and on the hair under normal lighting conditions. Yellow and orange colors do show some color hues in the mixing container but when applied to hair in a lighted room the color mostly disappears because the concentration on the hair is lower. When lighting is reduced to about half-light or darker, all four colors show up brightly.

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