Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resource for Designing Airbrushing Ventilation Systems

Resource for Designing Airbrushing Ventilation Systems

Ventilation for airbush artists is a serious concern that is usually overlooked, or given a last minute solution like combining a fan with an open window. But waking up with technicolor sneezes after a long day of airbrushing, can really help to open your eyes to the necessity of adequate ventilation. Unfortunately, there aren't that many readymade solutions for airbrush artists who are working on even moderately sized two-dimensional art. The ones that are out there generally cost more than all the other components of an airbrush studio. (Hmmm... that may explain why good ventilation systems are frequently overlooked.)
That's why I've featured so many posts on building your own ventilation system or spray booth:

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DIY Spraybooth.html
DIY Spraybooth Part II

This site sells the individual components for dust collection systems for wood-working shops. More importantly for the DIY airbrush artist, they have a really nice tutorial on designing these systems for your shop, and will even email you more indepth PDFs on this, if you get on their mailing list.
Now kids, keep in mind this is a resource for repurposing. Do your research, and figure out what will most efficiently, safely, and frugally meet your purposes. As a very important example, venting atomized solvents past electrical components not designed for such, is a REALLY BAD idea. If you are venting rattle cans, or automotive paint, you need to do a lot more research. (As does your humble Dragon.)

Till later... Paint On!

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