Saturday, December 30, 2006

DIY Steampunk, Ratbike Belt

Here's another sweet little instructable, making a belt out of old bike parts. I'm not really a bike-punk, though those hardcore DIY bike-hacking kids do really inspire me.

Here's another take on the same idea.

so i was sitting around today waiting for a meeting to start and after sweeping the floor in the shop and reading a book about defensive cycling i decided my pants were too loose and i needed a belt...and that one needed to be made i went around the shop looking for things to use for a belt and with some insight from other people we came up with what seems to be a damned good belt.

So whether you are an elegant top-hat and tails Steampunk, or a greasy, crusty and patched Bikepunk, here's a sweet little project to add some custom bling to your wardrobe.

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