Saturday, December 02, 2006

Flat pen and moleskin

Flat pen and moleskin

I'm still trying to come up with an optimized personal organizational system, time management system. The best thing I've come up with so far is a Moleskine sketchook for notes, sketches, writing ideas, and a pocket sized Slingshot organizer for a datebook and contacts. I know it seems like a trivial thing, but a flat pen like this might really increase the functionality of this system. I'm far more likely to have one or both of those little books, than to have a pen on me.

As it turns out, it’s not so bad if you put the pen in the middle, clipped to one of the manilla folder inserts (it’s a thin cardboard as opposed to regular paper). The bottom of the pen tends to move around though; I might use a small loop of paper or sponge to help keep the pen in place. The cover does bend alarmingly, comforming itself around the pen, but I think the moleskine can probably hold up to it. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

I have tried a lot of small notebooks and the moleskins are absolutely the best in my opinion. I always carry one under the seat of the scooter and one in my non-riding jacket. I use the unlined sketchbooks because of the heavier paper and they serve as journals and note taking books. More than a few Scooter in the Sticks entries began there.

I have had a fascination with paper since I was a kid and in my work world clogged with technology I find pen and paper to give the same sort of deliberate release from the chaos of a day that the Vespa does.

For awhile I was experimenting with writing instruments and for a long time was using Watermann fountain pens. They were just too fussy for routine use and now I either use a pencil or a Pilot fine tip pen.

Always looking for the simple approach...

punkelf said...

I've just started carrying the moleskin around all the time, and I've got a couple zygotes of posts in there.
Usually my posts are written on the fly, as I find something cool just in my normal surfing. Link wrangling, as it were. I really enjoy blogs like yours though, where the posts are prose, more essay-like and polished. I'm hoping to get some more thoughtful pieces through this approach, and it's sure encouraging to know that it has worked for you.