Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yet another E-Scoot

The German designed e-Max is probably about the best electric scooter that is currently available. Prices range from $2k to $3k depending which model and where you get it. All in all a capable little machine, but from the review of real world users I've read just a hair shy of being a realistic daily ride for yours truly. The standard model is 1500 watt, and there is a sport edition with a 2000 watt motor which should put it about on par with the upcoming Z-20. Of course the e-Max uses a brushless motor, while the Z-20 has a brush hub motor, which means that you might be able to replace the controller in the e-Max with an a more programable one. (Did I just lose you, but you'd like to keep up? Then zip over to V is Voltage's cycles and large scooter forum. Really good knowledgeable folks, who also seem to be enthusiastic about educating newbies. They have other forums over there up to and including regular auto conversions, but we all know where the Dragon's heart lies.)
Also check out the e-Max blog an independant blog of an e-Max owner.

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