Friday, June 16, 2006

Genuine Scooter's Buddy Review


Well the Genuine Scooter's Buddy 125 is finally out, and it seems the Scooter Blogosphere is all abuzz with it. I gotta say I wasn't that excited about it, since visually I prefer my TN'G Venice LX. But Genuine Scooters has a great reputation. And the reviews are looking pretty good. Just Gotta Scoot (is that a great name, or what?) has probably the most detailed and comprehensive review, so the Dragon will hop on the buzzwagon and link to that:

When I brought the evaluation Buddy back to Scooterville, I left with a new black Buddy. I didn't even have to argue with my wife over this purchase.
If you are looking for something more than a 50cc scoot, but less than a Maxi-scoot, with an automatic transmission and sporty performance, you'll be hard pressed to do better than a Buddy.

Well the Dragon is has pretty much made up his mind that his next scoot will be a Vespa GTS 250, 'cause I want a Maxi-scoot, but one that doesn't look like a Maxi-scoot. Plus as much as I don't like the Vespa-chauvinsim I see on the message boards, I gotta admit, Piaggio builds a quality ride.

See ya on the backroads.

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