Sunday, June 18, 2006

Modern Buddy

Well it looks like the buzz the on Genuine Scooters' Buddy just will not die down. In fact it is creating a a cacophany of praise, and serious interest on the scooter message boards and forums. The 50cc is not even out yet, but Modern Buddy (a message board for the new line) has already started. Started and moderated by the same nice folks who brought you Modern Vespa (where I have been spending a lot of time lately, a nice pleasant place for people who love scooters and would rather spend time sharing that love than bashing on what someone may or may not ride.)
Genuine Scooters is claiming 60+mph as a top speed, and mileage of around 100 mpg for the Buddy 125. I might be dubious of those stats from another brand, but Genuine has a solid reputation (these are scooter people, who are in it because they love to scoot, and that says a lot to the Dragon.) The reviews seem to be supporting these figures. With a sticker of $2.5k, and the recent surge of interest in scootering, I think these things will soon be ubiqitous. And that makes the Dragon smile.

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