Friday, June 09, 2006

Homemade Electric Rat-Bike

Just stumbled across this link. WOW! Mat Gruber has created a masterpiece of appropriate technology with this bike. And he not only rides to the grocery store, he zips it inside and uses it as his shopping cart! It wouldn't suit my purposes, (right now, but you never know what the future holds...) but I salute him nonetheless.

Secrets to success(to make an in store shopper):
Think of it like shoes. You have sandals, work shoes, dress shoes, jogging shoes, bowling shoes, etc. Build a single purpose ev, don't try to make one ev do everything. This list is for a grocery getter.

1. Elimination of pedals. They use up the sweet spot(strong, low center), that I use for cargo space. Plywood 3/4" thick, and 18"Wx12"L gives a super strong deck in the pedal area. No pedals allows for smooth precise take off in store isles(trying to pedal would be a disaster). No pedals lets me use a large (16x22") comfy seat that has a secure compartment for eggs and fruit.(if you ever hang bags from a bike, you know how they can be easily damaged). No pedals mean I can carry more batteries/cargo , and not worry about being tired from trying to pedal. No pedals lets me use a super strong motorcycle class ev, carry lots of cargo, and let the motor do the work, just like with a car.Note: I do pedal a 26" mountain bike for fun and exercise, but not for groceries.
2. Smaller wheels. Try loading a 26" bike and while you shop, it will tend to fall over. Big wheels also waste cargo space. But small tires like 5", 8", 10" all are too small and will throw you off easily hitting even a small pothole.
3. Lots of cargo containers. Make it look like you are serious.
4. Avoid 3 or 4 wheelers. They are dangerous at speed and will tip over easily.
5. Seek managers(when spotted) and introduce your "grocery cart".

Dude, this is just so Punk Rock, I am totally geeking out!

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