Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An Interview with Anthony Bourdain

Bookslut An Interview with Anthony Bourdain

The People have spoken! And they have said enough with this obsession with obscure two-wheeled transportation! Give it a rest for a moment, and give us more of what we really want... FOOD!
Actually, nobody said that, since apparently all my readers are lurkers. That's fine, the Dragon is a lurker himself, the internets are for information, data, and maybe a silly joke or two. Like a phone, I only use the internet to socialize, with those who are far away. So be like the Dragon and lurk to your hearts content.
If you are also like the Dragon in liking your Chefs to be no-bull-shit, sensible, adventurous, hendonists then you will love Bookslut's interview with Anthony Bourdain.

You seem skeptical of the ethical food movements – raw food, veganism, local food, that sort of thing.
I think an overriding philosophy or world view of political concerns, concerns about some kind of master vision of how clean your colon should be or just the way the world should be is an impediment to pleasure. Being a chef is principally being in the pleasure business. And I think it is an impediment to travel, to travel with an open mind and understanding or getting to know even in a small way the rest of the world and experiencing something that’s so fundamental to human behavior as feeding each other or sharing food. So yeah. Even my own weakly held views about the way things should be. I like to think that in the interest of being a good guest I would violate those principles.

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