Saturday, June 03, 2006

Scooters cure the "blahs"

The Dragon has been in a funk lately.
My training schedule (days) is really starting to get to me. Jes and I are on opposite sleep schedules, so we get to see each other for like a 1/2 hour when one of us is either getting up or going to bed. Work itself is pretty interesting, but this ships passing in the night schtick is for the birds. Keegan is back from his sojurn to the land of the rising sun, tried to get in touch with him last night but he was in Seattle visiting Gretchen and Mage, who I desperately want to see. Jes couldn't get tonight off, so we'll miss Lyli and Scarlhet's B-day bash (though hopefully we'll get out there tommorrow for some twin-time.) Starting to feel a little isolated, (and Blogger mistaking me for an automaton doesn't help.)
And that's just personal life stuff. Of course I had to read that RFK Jr. article in Rolling Stone about election discrepencies in Ohio in 2004. Yes, I knew all this before reading the article. Heck I even knew about it before it happened.
So how does the Dragon combat creeping malaise?
With Scooters of course!
I've gone through the entire archive of Scooter Scoop and have got to say I Love This Site! If you want a real treat, check out the archive for April 2006. For some reason that month is a treasure trove of scooter videos. A scooter parade in Hong-Kong. Classic Honda scooter ads from the 80's (featuring Adam Ant, Grace Jones, and Devo!) Yup, I feel better just thinking about it. Now if someone could just dig up the Lou Reed Honda scooter ad, I'd be back on top.

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