Thursday, June 15, 2006

Well my kind's been around forever...

Yet I claim to be one of the few...

The Dragon don't talk much about music no more. There just ain't a lot new out there that soothes this savage beast. And I feel old talking about seeing Trusty open up for the Flaming Lips for the pocket change Poodle and I could bribe Mona with. Like Bircho says, "Sometimes you just gotta take a long bath and listen to Neil Young."

But sometimes you just gotta get drunk and listen to the Two Gallants! I stumbled across my favorite band of the 21st century (who actually sound like all that was good about 20th century music) on a buddy's myspace page. And following the link to their homepage, getting all teary reading lyrics of songs i've sung along with a thousand times, I realized this is the band I will bore my grand kids with stories of. "Yeah, I saw 'em at a house party back in 2004..."


Nice to see all the kudos the British press has laid at their feet during their latest tour. If ever their was a band that deserved to lose their souls to the hell of limos and coke and blowjobs, it is these two. 'Cause I know they would just turn that crap into gold like the alchemists they are.
They have a new album out, and you can find it streamed here. Buy it. Hell you can even get it on itunes.

Now if you'll excuse me, the Dragon is gonna get drunk, listen to the Gallants, and think about good friends too far away, and too far gone.

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