Thursday, June 15, 2006

Presenting THE Electric Rat Bike!

The Jackal, is the latest contestant in our pagent of electric two-wheeled transportation, and I think the most "rattable" of the herd. Featuring a Briggs and Stratton Etek engine (sadly now discontinued, this engine was a favorite of DIY alternative propolsion freaks, it has been used in everything from electric scooters to 30' electric sailboats) and the Alltrax controller (also a favorite of DIYers, it is fully programmable, and hooks up to a Win XP box!)
Thunderstruck Motors will sell you a base model (30-45mph with 15-35 mi range) fully assembled for $3.4K, a performance model (45mph with 15-25 mi range) for $3.7K, or you can build your own, they sell all the pieces individually (though if you're gonna go that route, you gotta be the type who'll want do some customization!)
I hope Thunderstruck has a stash of Eteks, and this isn't just a case of them not updating their website for awhile, because this puppy really could be come the bare-bones of many an electric dream.


Anonymous said...

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punkelf said...

are you on crack?
Electric motorcycle?
Voice Over work?
My mind can jump from subject to subject and find connections in between like an ADHD kid on a Red Bull Drip, but YOU my friend have lost me.
and that's saying something.

mark said...

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