Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An Interview with Charles de Lint

Bookslut An Interview with Charles de Lint

As much as the Dragon hates to post two links from the same source in a row, there is no way around this one. Probably my favorite under-known author(Ken Mcleod being second), this man has been a constant balm and salve to my soul in times of trouble since adolescence. His stories tell us, yes, life is not fair, it is harsh, cold, terrifyingand meaningless... it is also wonderous, enchanted, and so singing with beauty that sometimes the only response is tears of joy. Charles de Lint's tales, especially those which use spectacles of fancy to stare coldly and harshly at the horrors of child abuse, have been a great source of strength in facing some of my own demons from childhood.

This consideration of conflict is a recurrent theme in de Lint’s work, particularly as it affects children. Jilly... is one of de Lint’s most damaged characters who has managed to become strong and resolute ... She has been joined over the years by a host of men and women who have overcome all manner of trauma and tragedy and found their way to a place that encourages the openness of mind that allows myth to be accepted as reality. There is no hopelessness in de Lint’s work -- far from it. In Widdershins he brings his readers into a most impressive moment of hopefulness, as he shows how anyone, from a former abused child to a former abused dog, can rise above the actions that were inflicted upon them and gain a stature of fearlessness that does not provoke violence but rather embraces peace. In many ways de Lint writes about the strongest sort of people...

I don't really see this as an interview, but what the hell?

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