Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beautiful Handmade Books and Satchels

Beautiful Handmade Books

A while back I was searching for a really high quality sketchbook. After over twenty-five years of drawing and sketching on everything from butchers paper to $5 a sheet Japanese gampi, I felt I had reached a point where I deserved a quality sketchbook. In the past, the more expensive the sketchbook, the more intimidating it was to me. If the book itself was already a work of art, I was afraid I would ruin it, were I to make a mistake. Finally I have reached a point where, a really quality book is a challenge. It's a slap in the face, a dare to fill it with the kind of drawings it deserves. The trouble is, that kind of book is hard to find. There are a few bookmakers out there making gorgeous books, but frequently they are hard to find, and when you do, you must commission the book you want. More people will use an expensive handmade book as a journal, diary, or guest book, so most of them are lined. And when you find ones that are unlined, frequently the paper is not suitable for the variety of media, and working techniques, which I would be inclined to subject them to.
Another aspect of my finickiness on the subject, is that I have made books, I have known some amazing bookbinders in my time. My tastes in this realm are educated and sophisticated. The problem being that now that I can afford, and feel confident in my ability to use, the kind of book I'd always wanted, I was unable to find them... until I found this site.

Ummmm.... Yummy, yummy exposed stitch binding. Ok, maybe I can't afford them right now, but these are definitely worth saving up for. Or if you have the budget, and have a really hard to buy for individual on your gift list this year.

Also take a peek at these satchels. Again these are pricey, but they look worth it. I go through a book bag or messenger bag every year or two. At $30 to $100 a pop it would take too long for one of these babies to pay for itself. And that would be before I passed it onto my first grandchild to go to college. Now that's what I can a man-purse! Wear it with your Utili-kilt, and dare someone to call you a sissy.

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Steve Williams said...

Please quit posting these things. I have enough problems curbing my spending without you holding the holy grail of journals, bags, and other paper and writing things in front of me. A Moleskin I can live with, butr these...... How will I ever retire?