Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vermont initiates "Cow Power"

Central Vermont Public Service

Well it's about freaking time!

This is program where farmers collect cow manure and place it in an anerobic digester, where it breaks down into solid compost, liquid fertilizer, CO2, and methane. The bacteria active in the process kill any pathogens in the manure, so the compost and fertilizer are safer than straight bovine fecal material. The methane is then used as fuel to generate electricity, which customers then pay an insignificant fee (an additional four cents per kilowatt hour) to use instead of regular electricity. The CO2 is released into the atmosphere, but all in all, there is a significant reduction in the emmission of "greenhouse" gases. This is freaking fantastic! I wish I could say that this is the result of some startling new scientific breakthrough or technology, but the sad fact is that this has been possible for decades. Gandhi heavily promoted methane digesters, for local energy generation. Way to join the 1950's techno-savvy elite, Vermont. Like India!
And if you think that's mean spirited, it's really just pointed at the rest of the country, (and world.) The answers to the energy crisis are out there. Hell. some of them have been right under nose for decades!

OK, I'm done ranting.

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